pmd´s Time-of-Flight technology is very robust against ambient light due to the patented SBI (Suppression of Background Illumination).The SBI is an in-pixel circuitry that subtracts ambient light and therefore prevents the pixels from saturating.

Further improvement of ambient light robustness can be achieved with optical filters (bandpass) and / or coated lenses.

The illumination power plays an important role, so rule of thumb is: the more active illumination is used the more range can be achieved and the more robust the system is against ambient light.

The CamBoard pico family cameras have been optimized for indoor use. They will also work in sunlight but please note that the data will be more noisy or in other words the usable range will decrease.

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Changing light source to 940 nm wavelength:

The sunlight spectrum has a dip of amplitude in the range of 940 nm; therefore a performance increase is possible


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