All CamBoard Development Kits come with our powerful software suite Royale. The suite contains all the logic to operate your 3D camera including a visualization tool, called the Royale Viewer. Royale is cross platform compatible and runs on Windows, Linux/ARM, Ubuntu Linux and macOS. The SDK to develop your own applications is C++ based and supports several programming languages and libraries like ROS, Python, OpenCV, OpenNI2, Matlab, C, DotNet.

Download the Royale SDK

As a customer of one of our 3D Development Kits, you have access to our software download area. To download the latest version of the Royale SDK simply fill out the form below. You will then receive an email with the instructions to proceed to your download. If you would like to receive information about the latest software updates and features, we will include your address in our mailing list.

If you have issues with the download, please contact for support.

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Operating Systems

Our Partner Software


ManoMotion technology makes use of existing depth sensors such as CamBoard pico flexx from pmdtechnologies to produce a light, fast, and robust 3D hand tracking and gesture recognition. Our current solution accepts both depth images and 3D point clouds as input.

Scandy Core

3D object scanning enabled by Scandy.
Scandy Pro, powered by Scandy Core, uses the pico flexx attached to your Android device for 3D scanning of objects. Easily create 3D meshes suitable for high-resolution 3D printing or precision CAD work


With Untouch’s Riemann SDK, you can develop 3D hand gesture recognition applications by connecting the pico flexx to your mobile phone or PC. The Riemann SDK can track 26 DoF of the hand, thus detecting the hand gesture and action in a 3D space.

Mixed Mode

The CamBoard pico monstar is our most powerful and versatile depth sensing system we currently provide. It features the same FoV (100 x 85) and pixel count (352 x 288) as the maxx but also delivers a massive 6m range … while still powered via USB. Surveillance and people counting are obvious use cases … but we look forward to see what you can create with this amazing device.

09 August

royale release
note v3.19

royale release, software for pmd cameras

The latest Royale software release v3.19 for pmd Time-of-Flight camera modules is available for download including new help menu for the Royale Viewer.

14 May

Manomotion Gesture SDK now supports the pico flexx

ManoMotion SDK + pico flexx VR

ManoMotion technology makes use of our CamBoard pico flexx to produce a light, fast and robust 3D hand tracking and gesture recognition.