The Range of a SuperStar

3D camera development kit

CamBoard pico monstar

The CamBoard pico monstar is a high-end 3D camera development kit based on pmd Time-of-Flight (ToF) technology. It features a wide Field of View (FoV) of 100° x 85° degrees, a high pixel count of 352 x 287 pixels and covers a massive 6m measurement range while still powered by USB 3.0. The pico monstar supports a variety of operation modes up to 60 fps.

With the wide FoV and long range, the pico monstar is suited perfectly for surveillance and people counting use cases, automotive and robot navigation.

Key Facts

  • 3D camera development kit
  • based on pmd Time-of-Flight (ToF) technology
  • including powerful software suite
  • USB 3.0 powered
  • Up to 60 fps
  • 0.5m – 6m range
  • Field-of-View 100° x 85°
  • Laser Class 1

Ordering Process

We are closely working together with our distribution partner Automation24. Their experts will process the ordering, payment and shipment of your development kit pico flexx. With their help, we can offer you fast, worldwide shipment as well as many different payment options and a secure state of the art ordering process.

If you have any questions regarding the ordering process, do not hesitate to contact them directly. In case of technical questions visit our FAQ or drop us a line via our contact form.

  • 3D point cloud: X, Y and Z values for every pixel result in a point cloud of the observed scene.
  • Gray value: In addition to the Z value, every pixel provides a gray value, which represents the signal strength (amplitude) of the active illumination, so this is an IR gray value image. It can be used for standard 2D image processing and it is perfectly aligned to the depth image. It is also not affected by background light so it is a very robust 2D image in every light condition. This data also directly corresponds to the depth data quality so it gives a performance indication for the depth data.
  • Confidence value: This value provides information whether the pixel measured a valid 3D value or whether the 3D data is not reliable due to saturation, underexposure or other reasons.

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