Join pmd @ Techcrunch Hackathon NYC, May 7-8, 2016

    Google´s CardBoard devices have been around for some time. Hundreds of developers are creating apps for it. Without touchless interaction. Until now. pmd, who is Google’s depth sensing partner for Project Tango, now is making its 3D technology available for CardBoard developers and has successfully partnered with gestigon to enable the most intuitive and immersive input for VR: touchless interaction.

    Using pmd’s 3D ToF technology in combination with gestigon’s Carnival SDK: 3D point cloud and gesture detection enable you to understand where your hands and fingertips are. Playing VR chess, re-decorating your VR living room, grab/touch/push/pull VR content, even bringing real objects into the virtual world … we are happy to put this into your hands. Literally.