3D scanning. Gesture control. CamBoard pico XS.

    The CamBoard pico XS, the smallest Time-of-Flight 3D camera worldwide, takes 3D scanning and touchless gesture control to a new level.
    Based on an improved and sophisticated illumination, this small depth camera, enables the creation of dense 3D models of objects and scenes for Augmented Reality, 3D printing, and more. In addition, touchless gesture control use cases, which can be addressed with nimbleUX, range from touchless operating system control to interaction with virtual reality environments, which are provided by devices like Oculus Rift.

    Due to the small form factor, the 3D depth sensing technology can be integrated where it is needed and the three-dimensional world in front of a device or screen can be observed as it is: Real 3D.
    The CamBoard pico XS uses the IRS1010C chip, which was jointly developed by pmdtechnologies ag
    and Infineon Technologies AG. NimbleUX is a joint development of 3Gear Systems Inc. and
    pmdtechnologies ag.