Sensing the world the way we do – the world’s first Project Tango Smartphone: Lenovo and Google redefine the mobile device category using pmd’s unique 3D technology.

    June 9th, 2016 – Siegen/Germany and San Francisco/CA/USA – We already know Project Tango for a while, but now it is getting really interesting!

    The world’s first mobile device product using Google’s Project Tango technology, the Lenovo™ PHAB2 Pro, has been announced today at Lenovo’s Tech World‘16 in San Francisco. A special IR camera, enabling depth sensing based on pmd’s ToF (Time-of- Flight) 3D technology, is integrated into this new Smartphone. The camera measures a real-time 3D point cloud of the environment and thus gives the phone a human-scale understanding of its environment and motion. pmd has already been nominated as a Project Tango partner in 2014 and has meanwhile succeeded to miniaturize ToF depth sensing cameras for the first time to a level where integration into mobile devices now is possible and successfully proven with launch of the Lenovo PHAB2 Pro. While the core technology is a CMOS-based imager, which has been jointly developed by pmdtechnologies ag and Infineon Technologies AG, pmd has contributed the camera reference design as well as the production Know-How to the joint effort of Google and Lenovo. Infineon is offering the respective REAL3™ product family based on pmd intelligence™ with different specifications for a variety of applications.

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