Put ur hands on VR! Obama and Merkel
    tried smallest 3D camera worldwide from
    pmdtechnologies at Hannovermesse

    April 25th, 2016 – Siegen, Hannover/Germany – The American President, Barack Obama, and the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, have visited the exhibition stand of the ifm group of companies at the Hannovermesse today.
    Chancellor Merkel and President Obama as well as the other delegation members were particularly interested in the new world’s smallest 3D camera system for quick identification of 3D scenes and automatic object recognition.

    Chancellor Merkel and President Obama were testing a 3D camera, developed by the ifm subsidiary pmdtechnologies ag, and entered the virtual reality using it together with a CardBoard that shows their hands in 3D and enables gesture recognition in VR. Asked by President Obama for possible applications that could be realized with this, Dr. Bernd Buxbaum, CEO and Chairman of pmdtechnologies, explained both technology and its possible applications: men-machine-interfaces, playing chess in the VR world, scanning objects or environments even with your smartphone to enable 3D collaboration or to share 3D objects. “It’s a brave new world!” stated a delighted and impressed President Obama after a successful handshake with Chancellor Merkel in virtual reality.

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