pmd´s ToF technology in the news

    A short collection of some recent press coverage on Time-of-Flight imaging in general, products with pmd intelligence and an exciting research project involving pmd ´s small 3D camera reference design CamBoard nano.

    pmdtechnologies – A hidden champion

    IHK Siegen – Wirtschaftsreport, July 2013 - Bodenständig und weltoffen zugleich - Die IHK Siegen stellt in der Reihe Hidden Champions Weltmarktführer der Region Siegen-Wittgenstein vor. Ein Portrait der pmdtechnologies ist im Wirtschaftsreport 07-2013 zu finden.

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    Imaging in depth

    Imveurope, June/July 2013 - Greg Blackman explains the depth imaging technique, Time-of-Flight, which is of great interest to car makers as a sensing technology able to detect pedestrians and other obstacles.

    Kompakter Problemlöser - Optische Standardsensoren mit Lichtlaufzeitmessung von ifm, June 2013 - Introduction of the new PMDLine of ifm electronic.

    Haptic feedback for touchless gesture recognition

    Siggraph, July 2013 - Disney Research presents AIREAL , a combination of a 3D-printed flexible nozzle , tilt motor, subwoofer and a 3D depth camera – for example the pmd [vision] CamBoard nano:

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