Introducing nimble UX -
    A powerful gesture middleware solution

    We do not want to change your way of interacting. We want to improve it.

    Make interacting with computers as natural as interacting with the real world.

    pmd depth sensing combined with nimble pmd gesture middleware and nimble dashboard, a cutting-edge touchless windows 8 control – this is nimble UX.

    nimble pmd gesture middleware tracks the 3D position and orientation of a user’s hands as well as the individual finger joints and fingertips. Choose between pre-defined gestures or define your own to add just the right touchless user experience to your application.

    nimble dashboard is a cutting-edge implementation of touchless Windows 8 control: browse the web, watch videos, control your OS with gestures - all while your arms are comfortably resting on the desk.

    Designed for consumer, automotive and industrial use cases nimble UX development kits will be available in limited quantities upon request, starting in January 2014. Please contact