Meet pmd and Infineon @ Computex

    pmdtechnologies and Infineon are attending Computex Taipei together, introducing the new chip family
    Infineon® 3D Image Sensors and the new 3D camera reference design CamBoard picoS which demonstrates an unmatched small form factor for depth sensors.

    June 4-8, 2013

    CamBoard picos

    The world’s smallest reference design for 3D cameras, pmd´s CamBoard picos, demonstrates the extremely low latency and precision achieved with the Infineon 3D Image Sensor chip, which are the key enabling factors for touchless gesture interaction.

    Infineon® 3D Image Sensor

    The Infineon 3D Image Sensor chips, developed in cooperation with pmd, will simplify and enhance the way people interact with machines. They enable fast and reliable tracking of finger movements and hand gestures to complement today’s touch screen and mouse or stylus user interfaces. 3D cameras based on the Infineon 3D Image Sensor chip family can achieve unmatched levels of miniaturization and deliver an excellent user experience.

    If you would like to fix a meeting or see a live demo, please get in touch with us.

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