pmd’s 3D depth sensing brings magic to the Lighthouse Smart Home Camera:

    Get a first glimpse at CES 2018!

    Lighthouse is the first smart home camera made for busy lives. With its advanced AI and 3D time-of-flight sensor, Lighthouse can tell you if the dog walker came by on time, if the kids are running late from school, and also alert you to intruders. The pmd 3D Time-of-Flight solution uses illuminators that emit invisible light into a room and a sensor that measures how long it takes for this light to bounce back from stationary and moving objects, so Lighthouse can see in 3D. The pmd sensor provides 3 million points of data per second and together with state-of-the-art computer vision, deep learning and 3D sensing help Lighthouse users stay in-the-know about their life at home.

    To see a live demo of the device, visit us and the Lighthouse Team at our Open Doors Event on Wednesday, January 10th, 6pm, Westgate Hospitality Suites #1310, Tech East.

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    CES 2017 CES 2018 Las Vegas
    January 10 2018
    Westgate Hospitality Suites #1310, Tech East