Bluetechnix launches Dual Core 3D-Kamera with Time-of-Flight Technology for a Temperature Range from -40 ° to 85 °C

    The SentisToF - M100 camera contains a pmdtechnologies ToF chip

    Bluetechnix enlarges its portfolio with the new Sentis product line, which stands for intelligent sensor systems based on the Time-of-Flight 3D technology. The SentisToF - M100 camera contains a pmdtechnologies ToF chip similar to the high-speed Argos3D-P100 model. It has been customized for applications in industrial environments and a temperature range from -40° to +85°C. With a size of only 50 x 55 x 36 mm the SentisToF-M100 can be embedded into almost any device.
    Sentis M100
    The ToF technology provides robust 3D data, measuring the distance of every pixel exactly instead of interpolating it like done in stereo 3D technologies. This eliminates the computational overhead in the post-processing chain. The 160 x 120 pixel 3D image is supplemented with a greyscale picture. Both images can be captured under difficult light conditions including complete darkness, because the sensor is using an active 850 nm IR illumination with a modulated carrier signal and a range of 3 meters.

    Due to the robust design, extended temperature range and a frame rate of 40 fps, an easy use in vehicles or factory halls is possible in industrial and outdoor conditions. With the ability to cope with reflections and the availability of 2D and 3D data at a high framerate, this sensor can also enhance processes and material testing.

    New SentisToF-M100

    The new SentisToF-M100 is based on an Analog Devices Dual Core DSP BF561 with one core used for image processing, the other one can be used for user applications to enable next generation sensor systems in various application fields like robotics, gesture recognition, HMIs or people counting. An easy integration into existing infrastructures is also provided by various connectivity options. For working with newer infrastructures Bluetechnix added a 10/100 LAN port, for older IT infrastructures the RS232 interface can be used. An additional RS485 bus allows applications in the industrial and building automation area.