Nimble UX - co-developed by pmd and 3Gear

    Siegen, San Francisco – On Dec 10th, pmd announced nimble UX, a development kit for touchless gesture control, co-developed with 3Gear Systems Inc. It has already been warmly received by technology blogs.
    PMD's Nimble UX platform gives computers super accurate touchless gesture controls

    The next logical step
    Having optimized depth sensor performance, adding middleware and applications was a logical next step. “We are excited to have the power of 3Gear’s algorithms for gesture recognition at hand for our CamBoard pico and other 3D camera modules in the future. This is the beginning of a long and fruitful collaboration, which has been prepared carefully to ease access to our technology for our OEM/ODM customers.” said Jochen Penne, Director Business Development, from pmdtechnologies.

    Best-in-class computer vision technology
    3Gear Systems is a San Francisco-based company developing best-in-class computer vision technology that engages the full dexterity of the user’s hands. 3Gear’s technology provides high fidelity tracking of all ten of a user’s fingers to allow natural, subtle and comfortable gestural user experiences. “We’re delighted to be working with pmd to deliver the most robust development platform and compelling applications for gestural interaction. Not only were we impressed by the CamBoard pico’s short-range accuracy and latency, we were blown away by its tiny footprint,” said Robert Wang, Co-Founder of 3Gear Systems.

    Explore the manifold possibilities of gesture control
    nimble UX development kits are available in limited quantity starting in January 2014. The development kit enables OEMs, ODMs and sophisticated, experienced development studios to explore the manifold possibilities of gesture control. It will not only change the way of interacting with consumer devices, but actually improve the interaction. Learn more about nimble UX.


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