Wanna make your phone smARt?
    Meet us @ CES 2017!

    Have you wondered how many sensors one might need to enable touchless interaction, environmental sensing and positional tracking for VR? Visit our suite to find out!

    (Hint: The number of sensors is smaller than two.)

    2016 has been an amazing year. ToF technology from pmd and Infineon is the first depth sensing technology which is integrated into commercial smartphones and we are already preparing the things to come in 2017. We would appreciate to meet with you at CES to share our vision of how our technology will further scale into mobile devices, VR, AR and 3D scanning. Of course, we are also more than interested to learn about your thoughts and expectations for 2017 regarding depth sensing.

    Please find our invitation here and get in touch with us to fix a meeting using events@pmdtec.com

    CES 2017 CES 2017 Las Vegas
    January 5-,8 2017
    Westgate Hospitality Suites #1310