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    Meta2 Development Kit feature pmd’s depth sensing technology

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    Meta’s highly anticipated Meta2 Development Kit will feature pmd’s depth sensing technology

    pmdtechnologies and Meta are happy to announce today that the Meta2 Development Kit will use pmd’s depth sensing technology to enable environmental sensing and touchless interaction for Meta’s augmented reality headset.

    The Meta2 Development Kit has the mission to create AR products that unlock deeper understanding, freer expression, and optimal productivity. Meta stands out by developing simple, elegant solutions that are not only more technically advanced, but more importantly, are optimized to facilitate the flow of ideas and transform the way people work, connect and collaborate. This nicely resonates with the offering of pmd’s depth sensing technology, which offers the smallest, most robust and most mature depth sensing technology for mobile and wearable devices.

    AR Headset AR Headset

    “We are beyond excited to be working with pmdtechnologies to get the most immersive augmented reality technology in the hands of developers, and can’t wait to see the innovative applications they will create,” said Ryan Pamplin, VP of Partnerships at Meta. “This technology will change the way we communicate, create and collaborate daily, both professionally and personally. The applications and potential for this product are endless.”

    “We are proud to be able to contribute to Meta’s mission and can’t wait to see the Meta2 in developer’s hands” adds Bernd Buxbaum, CEO of pmdtechnologies ag.