pmd+ifm=3D camera for innovative vision integration

Time-of-Flight 3D camera.
Three-dimensional real-time detection.

The pmd-3d chip technology
in an ifm camera. Standardized.
For focusing on your daily business.

Three-dimensional detection and evaluation

The 3D camera, on the basis of pmd technology, detects scenes and objects at a glance in three dimensions. In contrast to laser scanners it does not require moving components and is thus robust and wear-free. The function principle, the time of flight technology (ToF), can be compared to a laser scanner. However, instead of one there are 23,000 receiving elements arranged on the chip as a matrix.

That means that not only one point but a complete scene is measured in only one capture. Besides the distance image the camera also provides a grey-scale image of the scene. Intuitive parameter setting software allows easy setting of the camera-specific parameters. Furthermore a software development kit with example program code in different languages is available.

More quality

  • Tested on product level
  • CE compliant
  • Available in each quantities

More robust

  • Industrially compatible housing
    (aluminum or stainless steel)
  • Contains Gorilla glas
  • Ambient temperature:
    -10° up to 50°C
  • Ethernet connection
  • Choice between 40° and 60° Field of View

More functional

  • New pmd image chip with 23,000 px output
  • Evaluation with common image processing libraries (MATLAB, HALCON, PCL, ROS)
  • Ambient light with max 10,000 lux
  • Sample rate/switching frequency adjustable, up to max. 20Hz
  • 3D data calculated in the camera
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Example fields of application

People counting
Presence detection
Volumetric dimensioning
Agricultural robotics & automation
Your application

ifm O3D3xx.
Completeness - Verification of Case Contents

ifm O3D3xx.
Dimensioning of Objects

ifm O3D3xx.
Full-Layer Depalletizing

ifm O3D3xx.
AGV Pocket Detection

ifm O3D3xx.
Saving Cycle Time in Robotic Applications

Want to realize your vision?

Time-of-Flight 3D camera.
Three-dimensional real-time detection.


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