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How does ToF work?
It all starts with the speed of light.

Light is fast – nothing is faster.
It travels at a speed of 300.000.000 m/s.

The distance of an object from an observer location can be determined if one knows the return time of a light signal from the origin to an object. As visualized above, an observer emits a light signal, which consists of thousands of super-short pulses (seen on the left). These light signals travel at the speed of light until they hit an object (on the right). The object reflects the light that then travels back to the observer.


By correlating the reflected light with a reference signal, one can measure the total travel time to the object and back. In order to observe 3D information multiple data points are needed to sample the scene in parallel. This is achieved by arranging multiple observers in a receiving array. Each observer in such an array is a fast correlation pixel, designed by pmd.

Time-of-Flight only measures what’s really there.

We can see what others can’t!

Don't be fooled by patterns, perspectives
or movements!

The human eye and computer algorithms easily can be fooled by patterns, perspectives and movements. To understand and interpret a scene from a 2D, picture a computer needs a high level of processing power, high-quality data, and intense training. Our solution uses minimal processing power and therefore minimal power consumption to achieve a more reliable and better outcome.

Advanced data processing
A pointcloud of data.

The pointcloud visualizes what our 3D camera sees.

Each point represents an individual pixel in the 3D image and its exact coordinates. Our advanced data processing detects and corrects inaccuracies and suppresses depth noise by using our powerful software algorithms and artificial image processing on top.

The pointcloud visualizes hundreds of thousands of precise 3D data points of the environment in real time. Apps can use this data to recreate and interpret the contours of a face, the gesture of a hand or an object in the way.

Outstanding sunlight performance

Best sunlight performance
Reliable in every situation!

Capture data when its important and not when external conditions allow it!

Our Time-of-Flight technology works reliably in bright sunlight or complete darkness, where other depth-sensing solutions quickly reach their limits. Being independent of external light our 3D cameras can see what the human eye, 2D cameras, and other depth-sensing solutions can’t. To deliver data when it's important and not when conditions allow it.

Our patented circuit for the suppression of background illumination (SBI) in every 3D pixel allows a huge increase in dynamic range and prevents the saturation of the pixel to deliver the best and reliable performance in every condition.

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