Infineon and pmd @ MWC 2021

A look through the surface - and beyond!

Jochen Penne, Executive Board Memeber at pmd introduces our latest Time-of-Flight sensor for long range applications.
Andreas Urschitz, Division President Power Management & Multimarket at Infineon and Prof. Dr. Bernd Buxbaum, CEO at pmd, talk about latest innovations and the strong partnership between pmd and Infineon.

Enabling a new design generation of smartphones by eliminating the notch.

Since the last MWC we brought new innovations to Time-of-Flight technology for mobile applications. Allowing smartphone manufacturers to bring exciting new applications into the hands of millions of customers.
Our VGA ToF sensor with a resolution of 640x480 3D pixels made face authentication more secure and reliable than ever before. Especially important in today’s context, where mobile payment became a matter of personal safety.

With the latest ToF sensor generation specially developed for long-range applications we revolutionized the camera system of flagship phones by providing high-speed autofocus and beautiful bokeh effects even in low light situations, based on accurate depth information in every part of the scene.

This year we take ToF to the next level or to be more specific: under the surface. Join us for an exclusive digital meeting session during MWC 2021 and take a look beyond to learn how we make our 3D camera modules see through the display. For new smartphone designs without a notch.

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MWC 2021
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