Enhance every production line with 3D

every production line with 3D

Precise 3D data for your production

Our Time-of-Flight technology enables industrial-grade 3D cameras for industrial automation processes. Established in the market since 2005, industrial sensors based on our technology rank among the best in the world in terms of their value for money, their size and their capability to endure wear. Developed in partnership with our parent company ifm electronic.

Experience the complete ecosystem
  • Production monitoring and product evaluation
    Based on the reflectance value, the 3D sensor registers whether ready-to-ship packages have been properly sealed with adhesive tape. A signal can be output via the industry standard “IO-Link” to feed sealed packages into the further shipping process. Even transparent adhesive tapes are reliably detected by the sensor.
  • Quality assurance in fully automated production processes
    In the fully automated production of electronic devices, it is essential to ensure the presence of parts and their correct assembly from different angles with precision and reliability. Here, our technology is used for monitoring the production of white goods or electronic components such as PCBs and other electronic devices.

pmdindustrial and ifm electronic

Our industrial grade 3D sensing ecosystem which we co-develop with our parent company ifm, provides machines the relevant data to see and understand their environment to maximize and automate the performance of production processes even further.

Visit our parent company ifm electronic to get an overview of all commercially available industrial grade ToF sensor and cameras.

Available industrial ToF Cameras

The right 3D sensing system can help automated forklift trucks (AFT) achieve better than 98.5% pick accuracy and reduce mission time while simplifying even the toughest high-rack operations.

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