Inspiring applications with 3D

Inspiring applications with 3D

User-Facing for security.
World-Facing for creativity.

Reliable and secure face authentication, enhanced photo functionalities and authentic augmented reality experiences: 3D depth sensors assume a key role in smartphones and for applications that rely on accurate 3D image data on both sides of the phone.

  • User-Facing
    With our specially developed Time-of-Flight (ToF) imagers for smartphones we are enabling exciting new applications and significantly improving existing ones.
    On the user facing side ToF makes face authentication more secure and reliable for payment and unlock or adds gesture control for advanced interactions.
  • World-Facing
    On the world facing side depth-sensing significantly enhances the photo camera capabilities of a smartphone with advanced autofocus and video bokeh or improved low light performance. Our depth-sensing technology allows 3D scanning, improved AR experiences like real-time 3D mapping and occlusions of virtual objects, realistic relighting and precise measurement apps.

Sensor Features
For a new generation of applications

  • Up to 10 meters range
  • Lowest power consumption
  • Flexible resolution
  • Available for mass production
  • Impressive augmented reality applications
    With a range up to 10 meters, our sensor enables seamless augmented reality sensing experiences with high quality 3D depth data. Always-on applications such as mobile AR gaming can greatly benefit from the small power budget and enterprise applications help operators to work more efficiently, helps companies optimize complex processes, and allows staff to seamlessly collaborate.
  • Succes Story: Magic Leap 2
    The Time-of-Flight depth-sensing technology from pmd and Infineon is a key component to bring truly immersive and real-to-life experiences to the new augmented reality headset Magic Leap 2.

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Loooong range and high resolution

  • Advanced low-light photography
    Our world-facing time-of-flight sensor enables fast and low power autofocus for smartphones. Effects such as background blur in videos and pictures from moving scenes are easily enabled without the need for post-photography processing and regardless of ambient light conditions.

Face it!
Face unlocking is only secure with ToF.

  • Secure face unlock with ToF
    This technology is already being used in payment transactions. Payments are carried out via facial recognition – with no need for bank details, bank cards, or cashiers. This requires an extremely reliable and secure image and return transmission of the high-resolution 3D image data. The same applies to securely unlocking devices with a 3D image.

Which solution is available for Front-Facing ToF?

Our miniaturized new 3D VGA module is a perfect fit for smartphones. By combining the new VGA imager IRS2877C (640x480 3D pixels) and the specially developed IRS9100C illumination driver from our partner Infineon we have reduced the design complexity, module size, calibration effort and bill of materials (BOM). Simultaneously we increased the efficiency to offer a powerful 3D depth-sensing module for front-facing applications.

Jointly developed reference designs for face-authentication use-cases are also available for the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 865 Mobile Platform.

Success Story
Re-Think the possibilities with
User-Facing ToF

The LG G8ThinQ is the first smartphone with a dedicated user-facing Time-of-flight (ToF) camera to enter the mass market. Highly secure authentication for both unlocking the phone and for confirming payments is enabled by our ToF solution.

In addition to that, the LG G8ThinQ can recognize a user’s unique pattern of palm veins, adding speed and convenience to unlocking the phone. This so-called multirecognition reduces the ability of a hacker to build a spoofing artifact to mimic the user’s physical attribute. On top of this, the live bokeh function of the G8ThinQ enables aesthetic adjustments in real time even while taking videos – and not only in post-photography. The user can also interact with the smartphone in the third dimension “beyond touch” by giving commands using hand gestures thanks to the Air Motion feature.

Running on million devices

Success Stories
More products with Time-of-Flight

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In collaboration with device manufacturer OMS and Infineon Technologies AG (FSE: IFX / OTCQX: IFNNY), we have developed a new high-resolution camera solution that enables enhanced depth sensing and 3D scene understanding for next-generation smart consumer robots. The new hybrid Time of Flight solution combines two depth sensing concepts and helps significantly reduce maintenance effort and costs for smart robots.

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Our new i-ToF imager enables smallest 3D camera systems with improved quantum efficiency at optimized cost

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Dreame, a leading Chinese based company specialized in smart home cleaning devices, has launched its new vacuum cleaning robot, the Dreame Bot W10 Pro with the REAL3 ToF sensor from pmd and Infineon.

ISO26262-compliant high-resolution 3D image sensor for automotive

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Infineon and pmdtechnologies developed the second generation of the REAL3™ automotive image sensor – an ISO26262- complient high resolution 3D image sensor.