3D sensing.
In every situation.

3D sensing.
In every situation.

3D gesture control is changing interactions with a car.

Both in-car applications and surround sensing use-cases can be enhanced with 3D sensing and allow for several use-cases with only one sensor. All made possible by our dedicated automotive grade and volume-proven 3D Time-of-Flight imager.

  • In-cabine sensing
    As cars get more and more functions, natural interactions are becoming an important tool to simplify the human-machine interface. Touch-less interaction has become an important tool to prevent the spread of diseases. 3D gesture control is changing the way consumers interact with an automobile and make zooming a map or answering a call more safe while driving.
  • Exterior Safety
    Additionally our 3D technology enables advanced personalized and situational safety features with internal and external sensing. From intelligent driver monitoring for distraction detection or face and emotion recognition to secure navigation and enhanced parking.

Focus applications and use-cases
In-cabin sensing.
Combining comfort and safety.

Natural interactions are becoming an important tool to simplify the human-machine interface for more comfort as well as safety while driving cars. 3D based gesture control is changing the way consumers interact mainly because of the robustness of such an advanced interface against false-positives or changing environmental conditions, such day- vs. nighttime operation, strong sunlight, shadowing effects and many more.

With increasing degrees of automated driving, the driver is more and more released from the original driving tasks and becomes a passenger. As such the car turns into a living place with completely new interior concepts to offer entertainment and possibilities to work or relax. With Time-of-Flight we can provide the most robust 3D data to support new HMI concepts and simultaneously ensure high passive safety standards.


  • Gesture control and finger tracking
  • Dedicated search lights or functions depending on body pose and movement
  • Passenger classification for automatic setting of pre-defined preferences
  • Recommendation on optimized mirror or seat position


  • Passenger detection and seat allocation
  • Fastened seat belt detection
  • Smart airbag: adapt pressure or switch-off depending on situation
  • Head position to airbag (e.g. changing seat positions such as lean back position during autonomous driving modes)
  • Rear-facing baby seat
  • Object on seat or carried by passenger
  • Driver out of position; driver distraction; hands on steering wheel detection
  • Rear seat detection: “Forgotten child and/or pet”

Exterior Sensing
A robust sensor cocoon with ToF

Small solution.
No moving parts.
At low costs!

Time-of-flight cameras for exterior sensing are the best way to realize a very small solution without any moving parts at comparatively low costs. They provide the most robust 3D data of the environment in high resolution and with a range of up to 10 m. Besides the highly accurate depth data in each pixel, a sunlight-independent amplitude picture is available simultaneously, so that signs on the street can be recognized, for example.

  • Keyless entry
    Secure face recognition makes unlocking and entering the car faster and allows the setup of personal user profiles.
  • Enhanced parking
    New high sophisticated parking assistants make autonomous parking more convenient. In every condition and situation.
  • Secure navigation
    Our ToF sensors cover close range blind spots and add dynamic situational awareness to the vehicle.

Which ToF solution is available for Automotive?

Our dedicated automotive grade certified ToF imager comprises all volume-proven product benefits of the consumer variants by fulfilling automotive requirements. The packaged imager withstands wide temperature range of -40°C to 105°C and has a AEC-Q100 qualification.