Magic Leap 2 with 3D Time-of-Flight
Real-World Understanding for Mixed Reality

3D Time-of-Flight for
AR, MR, and XR

The Time-of-Flight depth-sensing technology from pmd and Infineon is a key component to bring truly immersive and real-to-life experiences to augmented reality headsets.

One of the most immersive headsets in the market today is the Magic Leap 2. With industry-leading optics and powerful computing in an ergonomic design, Magic Leap 2 is designed specifically for enterprise use. It enables operators to work more efficiently, helps companies optimize complex processes, and allows staff to seamlessly collaborate.

Watch the video below, to learn how our Time-of-Flight technology enables immersive applications on the new Magic Leap 2.  

Why Time-of-Flight?
3D Depth-Sensing brings Reality to Mixed Reality

  • Time-of-Flight Specialist
    pmd is the pioneer of Time-of-Flight Technology. Together with Infineon, we jointly developed and integrated the 3D sensor for Magic Leap 2, to give the headset a real world understanding of its surroundings.
  • 300,000 precise 3D Data Points
    Time-of-Flight measures the travel time of emitted infrared-light to an object and back to the sensor. We are generating over 300,000 precise 3D data points, Magic Leap 2 uses for environmental mapping, object and surface detection, occlusion, and gesture control.
  • Surface Detection and Occlusion
    Our technology helps Magic Leap 2 to know precisely to the millimeter, where a table or a wall in the room is, to place virtual objects on it. These objects seem fixed to this exact position and stay on its place when the user walks around the room and get covered, when other (real) objects appear in front of them.
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Sensing the environment precisely and in real-time is key for augmented reality applications. Magic Leap 2 will provide an even more immersive user experience and will connect the physical and digital world even more seamlessly.

Julie Larson Green
CTO at Magic Leap
  • Most Immersive
    Magic Leap 2 is the most immersive AR device on the market. It features industry leading optics with up to 70° diagonal FOV; the world's first dynamic dimming capability; and powerful computing in a lightweight ergonomic design to elevate enterprise AR solutions.
  • Built for Enterprise
    Magic Leap 2 delivers a full array of capabilities and features that enable rapid and secure enterprise deployment. With platform-level support for complete cloud autonomy, data privacy, and device management through leading MDM providers, Magic Leap 2 offers the security and flexibility that businesses demand.
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Mixed Reality for Medical

  • Brainlab, a Munich based specialist in medical software applications, developed and implemented a solution for Magic Leap 2 that expands the possibilities of modern healthcare through augmented reality.
  • The solution gives surgeons access to advanced, potentially less invasive patient treatments, and allows them to prepare teams even better for complex cases. Surgeons around the globe are already using Magic Leap with Brainlab software to effectively reduce complications during surgeries and shortening the necessary operating time.
  • A Success in Reality
    "We've found that we can effectively lower the risk of surgical complications for almost any case when using the Mixed Reality Viewer software from Brainlab on Magic Leap during planning. Therefore, I am using the Magic Leap basically for every surgical operation I am planning."

    - Prof. Dr. Veit Braun - Head Physician Neurosurgery
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Expanding the Possibilities of Modern Healthcare

We are using the realistic visualization capabilities of Magic Leap 2, with its sharp image and increased field of view, to give surgeons an increased understanding of case-specific patient anatomy, for diagnosis and treatment as well as discussions with patients and colleagues.

Stefan Vilsmeier
CEO at Brainlab

Mixed Reality for Enterprise

  • Collaboration and productivity platform for enterprise
    Holo|One develops a Mixed Reality platform for enterprises that does not require complex tailoring. The ready-to-use solution enables the easy integration of Mixed Reality into enterprise processes.
  • With Holo|One, companies can improve security while saving time and money. The solution covers all common Mixed Reality use cases across different industries, like remote maintenance, digital collaboration, process support and 1:1 overlays.
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Our 3D Time-of-Flight depth-sensing technology is a key component to bring truly immersive and real-to-life experiences to the new augmented reality headset Magic Leap 2.

MagicLeap 2 with ToF Sensor from pmd and Infineon

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Magic Leap 2 demonstrates the potential of the pmd Time-of-Flight Image Sensor. The new and improved ToF sensor captures the physical environment around the user and helps the device to understand and finally interact with it.

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Say hello to the most flexible and advanced 3D Time-of-Flight product family on the market to add depth sensing and processing to your product.

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Together with our partner Infineon Technologies we believe in 3D depth data. That AR will pervade our lives. The long-range REAL3™ Time-of-Flight imager delivers on this vision.