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pmd intelligence enables robust gesture recognition

Start creating natural user interfaces

Building natural user interfaces based on gesture recognition needs expertise in 3D imaging and a robust data basis,
giving you the required stability for automated analysis by your software/middleware. With pmd technology the relevant
3D information is available immediately and the depth map calculation requires only simple algorithms. In addition to
the 3D information, each pmd pixel provides a 2D grayscale value and a confidence value as an extremely robust basis
for software and middleware developers to implement. This way it´s only a stone´s throw to robust finger tracking,
gesture recognition and object detection.

Our basis for your gesture middleware

The pmd Software Development Kit (SDK) is an easy way for you to start. It contains the following functions:
  • Camera access and readout
  • C/C++ and Matlab, Windows & Linux support
  • Easy access to depth map, grayscale value and quality flags of each pixel
  • Enhanced filter functions

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