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pmd intelligence enables innovative 3D applications.

Natural user interfaces, autonomously driving vehicles, industrial robotics …. Your vision – enabled by pmd intelligence.

Your visions for future applications based on 3D sensing can become a reality – with pmd intelligence. pmd and its
module manufacturing partners are looking forward to enable you to integrate 3D camera technology wherever you want. Due to the outstanding robustness to ambient light usage under tough environmental conditions is possible. Due to the scalability of pmd´s Time-of-Flight technology regarding form factor integration into the small devices is enabled.

3D information is an added value for manifold applications – from observing the region in or around a vehicle to the automation of assembly and production processes, from surveillance of objects to touchless gesture control of consumer electronic devices. pmd’s technology provides the basis to let your innovative 3D application become real.

Revolutionary technology - comprehensive support.

pmd offers not only revolutionary 3D CMOS image sensors but also supports you from software development to 3D camera design. Our form-factor optimized 3D camera prototypes enable the integration of depth sensing systems into your product and help to reduce your development cycles. Together with trusted module manufacturing partners we turn your visions into reality.

Our strong support network of middleware partners specialized on finger tracking, hand recognition and object detection speeds up your application development and enhances the user experience of your customers.

Share your visions with us – we will turn them into reality.

  • 3D camera reference designs for a fast evaluation
  • Strong partner network from middleware to module manufacturing
  • Long-term experience in form-factor optimized ToF camera design
  • Consulting in user experience optimization

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