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pmd intelligence enables fast and economic 3D camera development

Your own 3D camera design – enabled by pmd intelligence

The big challenge in 3D camera design is to develop a robust, precise and cost-efficient depth sensor. pmd supplies
you with the optimum basis to get ahead in your market with efficient 3D solutions.
We offer cutting-edge Time-of-Flight (ToF) technology, integrated on a chip – small, scalable and robust.

Efficient camera development support

For an easy start pmd supports your 3D camera development with reference designs, both standard and customized.
Our long term experience in ToF camera design helps you to speed up your hardware development process while pmd´s scalable technology will fit in with your own specific camera module requirements.
This is the fast and economic route to market with your own 3D camera solution – based on pmd intelligence.

We offer professional support in various areas including the following:
  • Camera reference designs
  • Design reviews & guidelines
  • Schematics, Layouts, BOM
  • Development of optical components
  • Application notes

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