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Specifications pmd PhotonICs 19k-S3
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Middleware Support

Benefit from a strong support network of pmd´s middleware partners specialized on finger tracking, hand recognition and object detection. Depending on your application requirements we help to choose the most qualified 3D middleware supplier. Content and Application Developers

  • Object detection and gesture recognition based on advanced depth data analysis
  • Collaboration with state-of-the-art middleware partners
  • Solutions optimized for pmd´s 3D camera reference designs
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App Support

Being a pioneer in 3D technology you can profit from our long-term expertise. We look forward to discuss your revolutionary ideas for depth sensing applications.

  • Conception and evaluation of use cases
  • Support for app development by a strong
    and vibrant developer community
  • Collaborative network of dedicated
    partner companies
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Software Support

State-of-the-art technology requires reliable software. Our high-end Software Development Kit (SDK) is an easy way for you to start working on the analysis of the depth data delivered by our ToF chips and the corresponding 3D camera prototypes. Software and Middleware Developers

  • Access to depth data via the pmd SDK
  • Multi-platform support
  • Enhanced processing steps available (noise reduction, depth map quality metrics)
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Hardware Support

Our long term experience in ToF camera design enables you to develop your own 3D camera solution using our competencies. Besides our chip specific standard reference designs we offer customized camera prototypes and engineering support. pmd[vision]® CamBoard nano

  • Customized reference designs leading
    to camera solutions
  • Excellent design expertise for
    reliable system layout
  • From optic design to illumination layout