Mobile World Congress 2018: Introducing the smallest 3D imager and camera module for smartphones!

    Introducing the latest 3D Time-of-Flight imager for mobile devices from Infineon and pmdtechnologies. The world’s smallest 3D Time-of-Flight module, developed by pmd, has become even smaller – and better! Featuring the new, smaller imager, integrated eye-safety features, a reduced PCB area and component count, SPI flash support and an optimized illumination concept with bare die VCSEL.

    • World’s smallest form factor
    • Sunlight robust
    • Minimal power consumption
    • Proven in mass production
    • Easy design-in
    • Fast once-a-lifetime calibration
    • BoM cost-optimized

    It fits perfectly into today’s smartphones top bezel and unlocks a completely new level of applications for user experience. From secure 3D face unlock, face tracking and avatar animation to selfie background removal. On the world-facing side, the depth camera sets new standards for high sophisticated augmented reality, accurate 3D scanning and environmental monitoring.

    Welcome to state-of-the-art 3D depth sensing, jointly developed by Infineon and pmdtechnologies!