New software features and pricing options -

    The CamBoard pico flexx price drops down to 199€.

    Revolutionizing new software features and pricing options: The CamBoard pico flexx 3D depth sensor optimized for a variety of use cases and target groups

    August 8th, 2017 – Siegen/Germany - pmdtechnologies announced today a major update for its CamBoard pico flexx. After having analyzed the demands of the customer base, the update is four-fold and significantly improves the small 3D depth camera in many dimensions:

    • Due to an optimized production process, the CamBoard pico flexx is now available at a reduced pricing, significant quantity discounts and ships worldwide. The single price drops from 599€ to 499€ and lands at 199€ at a volume of 10 units.
    • The CamBoard pico flexx is supported by Scandy Core middleware for mobile 3D scanning from Scandy (visit for more info) and is additionally supported by the Riemann middleware from Untouch (visit for touchless interaction.
    • The CamBoard pico flexx now supports ROS (tested code examples for integration available).
    • The CamBoard pico flexx comes with some major software updates for its Royale API, which now supports sophisticated features like the mixed mode (simultaneous application of two operation modes), stray light correction and OpenCV examples.

    Being the state-of-the-art for depth sensing in mobile devices, pmd aims to give along with this major update for the pico flexx to its customers a significantly improved basis for depth sensing based product development. “By dropping the pricepoint of the CamBoard pico flexx and making it available with updated cutting-edge software algorithms and middleware support for two major use cases of depth sensing, we are confident that we enable exciting products which our customers can develop with the CamBoard pico flexx”, says Dr. Bernd Buxbaum, CEO of pmdtechnologies ag.

    In addition to the CamBoard pico flexx updates, pmd wants to address every 3D depth sensing use case and supplies additional developer platforms to enable these. The new pico family members CamBoard pico maxx and monstar both deliver a very wide Field of View of 100x85 degrees, a high resolution of 352x288 pixels and support a variety of operation modes from 5fps to 60fps in addition to the mixed mode. The pico maxx has been designed to be suitable for (but not limited to) VR and AR applications, the pico monstar for drone and surveillance applications. Both depth cameras are supported by the established Royale API and, as the pico flexx, provide support for ROS and OpenCV.

    Please find the complete PR here.