Launch of Untouch’s Riemann Platform

    New Gesture Recognition Software for CamBoard pico flexx

    On July 5th, 2017, Untouch officially launched a new 3D gesture recognition product called Riemann Platform that works with pmd’s CamBoard pico flexx, bringing a new interactive experience for the next generation of consumer electronics. Through deep collaboration between the two companies, a single, complete gesture recognition solution will be launched.

    Untouch CEO Eric Sun introduces the product: “Traditional gesture recognition products are PC-based, but the Riemann Platform is the world’s first solution that can be used on mobile devices, creating a precedent for intelligent interaction with mobile products. This is possible because pmd’s CamBoard pico flexx, which delivers 3D data to the Riemann platform, is able to operate on Android mobile devices. Untouch’s leading gesture recognition technology gives developers the potential to create revolutionary interactive methods along with intuitive non-contact experiences for end-users.”

    The promotion of this solution will expedite the widescale application of gesture interaction and promote the rapid development of human-computer interaction.

    Untouch’s Riemann Platform will customize the interactive system due to it’s accurate recognition and tracking of the hand’s 3D structure, minimum latency, anti-occlusion, and support for pre-defined gestures. It includes Android / Linux SDK, and developers can apply for a trial through the technical support section on the Untouch website. Using a sophisticated hand-skeleteon model with 23 joints, detailed movements of the hand are detected by the Riemann platform and a huge variety of simple or complex gestures can be classified based on this information.

    Untouch’s main products are based on software and hardware intelligent visual interaction which can be applied to the fields of smart phones, robotics, UAV, AR, VR, car electronics, smart furniture, and IoT etc., giving technology an AI visual interactive capability.

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