Let’s meet in Vegas!
    pmd as exhibitor @ CES 2018.

    2017 has been the year in which pmd and Infineon established their Time-of-Flight 3D depth sensing in a never seen before variety of prod­ucts: Our technology is integrated into smartphones, AR headsets, cars, robots and smart home devices.
    We invite you to visit us in our suite and get inspired by existing products, which use our 3D technology. But even more we appreciate to understand your ideas for using 3D depth sensing. And of course we look forward to share with you our latest technology updates.
    A new Time-of-Flight imager, even smaller camera modules, face authentication on product-ready level ...
    Looking forward to welcome you to our suite sharing with you our vision that we can put 3D sensing everywhere.

    Please find our invitation here and get in touch with us to fix a meeting using events@pmdtec.com

    CES 2017 CES 2018 Las Vegas
    January 5 - 12 2018
    Westgate Hospitality Suites #1310, East Tower