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pmd intelligence enhances industrial automation with 3D information.

Industrial automation – enabled by pmd intelligence.

Imagine optimizing your production processes by using 3D sensor systems. Providing a third dimension pmd´s Time-of-Flight (ToF) technology enhances an unimagined variety of application solutions in industrial automation processes.

Revolutionary 3D technology established and approved since 2005

pmd´s 3D chip technology enables industrial-grade ToF sensors for industrial automation processes, offered through experienced business partners. Established in the market since 2005, industrial sensors based on pmd technology rank among the best in the world in terms of their value for money, their size and their capability to endure wear.

Enhance your production processes

Maximize the performance of your production processes with intelligent 3D sensing made possible by pmd. The high framerate and simultaneously provided 2D and 3D information offer additional benefits for various industrial use-cases from distance measurement to collision avoidance. In addition touchless human machine interfaces (HMIs) based on 3D gesture recognition offer a new way and intuitive of interacting and controlling machines in industrial manufacturing environments.
  • Reliable, efficient and intelligent 3D sensing
  • Industrial-grade ToF sensors established and approved since 2005
  • Experienced and strong partners
  • From distance measurement to collision avoidance

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