can you imagine -
creating new ways
of interacting?

pmd intelligence enables natural user interfaces.

Natural user interfaces – enabled by pmd intelligence.

Imagine intuitive natural user interfaces (NUIs) powered by economical and comfortable gesture interaction. Augmented reality applications, capturing objects for 3D printing - your innovative ideas combined with the technology of pmd have
the potential to change the way we interact with our environment and devices.

Revolutionary 3D technology for a great user experience.

Comfortable gesture control needs to work for small and subtle movements of your hands to avoid the so-called "gorilla-arm". Not requiring a special position to work, pmd´s technology can be embedded where economical and comfortable gesture interaction takes place – sensing your hand and fingers right above the keyboard, not requiring to raise your arm completely and to perform tiring gestures.

Let´s turn your visions into reality.

Together with our strong network of trusted partners we support your development from proof-of-concept with customized 3D camera reference designs to integration into your devices including robust gesture middleware.
  • smallest form factor
  • low system cost
  • reliable gesture recognition
  • volume-proven CMOS process
  • strong partner network

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Your vision – enabled by pmd intelligence Your vision – enabled by
pmd intelligence


Reference Design CamBoard pico Reference Design
CamBoard pico