can you imagine -
making cars read
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pmd intelligence enables natural user interfaces.

Touchless infotainment control – enabled by pmd intelligence

Imagine reliable touchless control of your automotive infotainment systems and intelligent park assistance. pmd´s
Time-of-Flight technology holds the key to this intelligence in the shape of its robust 3D depth data. Our high-end
depth sensing technology enables innovative solutions for the intelligent car of the future.

3D sensing in every environment

Due to the outstanding ambient light robustness of pmd´s 3D Time-of-Flight (ToF) technology both in-car applications
and surround sensing use-cases can be enhanced with 3D sensing. pmd chip technology meets automotive industry specifications and delivers robust depth data over an extended temperature range, in sunlight as well as in total darkness. High framerate and simultaneous 2D and 3D information offer additional benefits for automotive use-cases. Not only
one but several functionalities can be achieved by using only one pmd sensor.
  • 3D sensing robust to ambient light
  • Scalable system layout
  • Volume proven CMOS process
  • Touchless infotainment gesture control
  • Fast framerate for pedestrian safety
  • e.g. Parking assistance, Pre-Crash detection and many more
  • interior and exterior real-time sensing

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