Market ready 3D sensors - completed with pmd intelligence

Offered through our experienced business partners various 3D sensors and ToF camera products are available, equipped with pmd´s 3D chip technology. Mass market approved since 2005 innovative sensors based on pmd technology rank among the best in the world in terms of value for money, size and
capability to endure wear.

ifm mobile 3D smart sensor O3M151

Patented pmd Time-of-Flight technology for quick distance detection:
Specifically designed for outdoor use and difficult ambient light situations, even interference such as sunlight or materials with different reflective characteristics do not influence the repeatability of the measured data. The integrated 2 x 32-bit processor architecture ensures a rapid and reliable calculation of the 3D data and functions directly integrated in the system with up to 50 fps. The complete electronics of the mobile 3D smart sensor is optimised and adapted to the demands and requirements of mobile machines.
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ifm PMDLine OID

OID with easy-turn concept – photoelectric sensor with Time-of-Flight measurement. Easy handling:
The switch point can be set easily by turning the setting ring (easy turn). A scale shows the distance
set. The switch point can thus be set before installation. Find out more.

ifm PMDLine O5D

First standard photocell with Time-of-flight measurement. The position sensor O5D with combines the following advantages: long ranges, reliable background suppression, visible red light and high excess gain. Shiny, matt, dark or light objects of any colour: the O5D features reliable background suppression. The unit allows any angle of incidence and thus flexible mounting positions. This simplifies installation and saves costs. Find out more.

Bluetechnix Argos3D – P100

The Argos 3D P100 is a compact 3D camera based on the pmd PhotonICs® 19k-S3 chip. It boasts 160 frames per second and 160 x 120 pixels with a field of view of 90°. This high frame rate allows it to capture rapid lateral movements, making it suitable for use in fields such as mobile robotics and interactive digital signage. Find out more

ifm efector pmd 3D

The efector pmd 3d is a 64 x 48-pixel 3D camera developed with ifm electronic for industrial use.
It was the first industrial camera of its kind on the market in 2007. The compact sensor measures volume, distance and position, the three most useful measurements for a large number of industrial image data processing applications. Find out more

ifm efector pmd

The efector pmd is an industrial sensor which was developed with ifm electronic. It has revolutionized the market, eclipsing everything that was previously available in terms of price, performance and size. That explains why it won the Hermes Award in 2005. We provided the pmd relevant system know how during the development phase. Several hundred thousand pmd chips have been supplied to date for the efector pmd. Find out more

meerecompany Inc.

meerecompany Inc. was founded in 1984 as a Display/Semiconductor equipment manufacturer. In 2011, meerecompany started the development of 3D range camera with the initial development of illuminator module for 3D camera based on ToF technology. meerecompany has developed high performance ToF 3D range camera through many years of research and introduced cutting edge 3D range camera products under brand name, Cube Eye, in 2015. Cube Eye products offer high quality depth data through optimized illuminators and 3D image sensor. Cube Eye products provide business opportunities in various industries and applications. For more information, please visit Find out more.