The next big thing – enabled by pmd

Imagine designing the next big thing. What is your game-changing innovation? Using 3D technology a huge number of various applications in all kinds of markets are enabled that haven´t been possible before. From natural user interfaces powered by touchless gesture control to mobile robot navigation, from people counting to automotive pre crash detection – adding the 3rd dimension is enhancing your innovative use-case and groundbreaking applications.

Revolutionary 3D technology for your game-changing innovation

pmd is the leading fabless IC supplier for Time-of-Flight 3D image sensors. It is our aim to bring 3D technology in line with your visions. pmd ToF imagers meet the highest specifications in terms of stability, integrated functionality and efficiency. Our main target markets consumer, automotive and industrial automation profit from the scalability of the technology in terms of size, cost, pixel resolution and measurement range.

Customized 3D camera system layout tailored to your specific use-case.

Depth cameras based on pmd Time-of-Flight (ToF) chips can be integrated economically in the smallest of spaces and also be optimized for different ranges and fields of view. Working in absolute darkness as well as in full sunlight, pmd-based 3D camera systems offer a wide range of possibilities.

Let´s start changing the future.

Together with our strong network of trusted partners we support your development from proof-of-concept to 3D camera reference designs, from robust middleware solutions to integration into your devices.
  • unchallenged robust and efficient 3D depth-sensing
  • highest level of integrated functionality
  • scalable system layout
  • experienced, strong partner network

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