• pmdtechnologies is nominated for the german future award  2002

    pmdtechnologies ag is started up

    Acquisition of S-TEC GmbH

    pmd is nominated for the German
    Future Award 2002

  • efector pmd – compact 3D Sensor for volume, distance and position measurement.

    ifm electronics ag becomes a

    Launch of efector pmd, first mass
    product based on pmd technology

    HERMES AWARD technology prize
    for efector pmd

  • Merger of pmdtechnologies ag
    and S-TEC GmbH

  • efector pmd 3D – award winning Time-of.Flight sensor

    More than 100,000 pmd sensors sold to date

    Launch of efector pmd 3d

    Innovation Award for efector pmd 3d

  • A branch of pmdtechnologies is located in Silicon Saxony, Dresden, Germany

    pmd establishes a new branch
    in Dresden/Germany, the heart of
    Silicon Saxony

  • The first publicly available 3D Time-of-Flight chip – pmd PhotonICs 19k-S3

    Ramp up of first commercially available ToF imager: pmd PhotonICs® 19k-S3

    More than 500,000 pmd sensors sold to date

    Release of the reference design CamBoard nano, the world's smallest depth sensor

    pmd launches www.cayim.com, an online developer community

  • Middleware Nimble UX

    ifm electronics ag becomes 100% shareholder

    Infineon and pmd announce jointly
    developed 3D image sensor family

    Launching middleware Nimble UX

  • CamBoard pico XS

    Launching CamBoard pico XS, world's smallest 3D camera

3D chip technology mass-market approved since 2005

We are the leading provider of 3D chip technology based on the Time-of-Flight (ToF) principle. Approved in the market since 2005, award – winning sensors based on pmd´s 3D ToF technology rank among the best in the world in terms of value for money, size and capability to endure wear. Together with our shareholder ifm electronic and other powerful partners it is our aim to bring 3D technology in line with your visions. Touchless gesture recognition for human machine interfaces and augmented reality applications are enabled by our ToF chip technology and depth camera prototypes.